Monochrome Monday – Alaska’s Glacier Bay

glacier-bay-1Glacier Bay, Alaska.

I was scrolling through my library looking for a photo for a project, and in the process I was scanning through all the images I captured in Glacier bay. It was a completely overcast day with very low cloud ceilings. I spotted the image above, in full color, unprocessed from my camera’s RAW image format. Continue reading

Miss Mitchell – Monochrome Monday and Daily Post One-Word Prompt


Fargo, North Dakota.

Other than the blue sky, I could almost have left this image in color, and it would still have almost qualified as a “Monochrome Monday” photograph. The image above was captured at the Fargo Air Sho in 2015 where Miss Mitchell was a featured performer.

Miss Mitchell still flies and has an illustrious history serving in Italy and North Africa in World War II. This post is the confluence of three themes. One of the photo challenges I participate in on Facebook this week is #historic. Obviously, Miss Mitchell meets that criteria. It’s obviously Monday, so Monochrome Monday applies as I converted this image many months ago to monochrome via Lightroom. Finally, Ben Huberman’s Daily Post feature is “Shine“. The reflections on the nose of Miss Mitchell clearly demonstrate the shiny, highly reflective aluminum finish. Continue reading

Monochrome Monday – Old Photo of Meigs Field


Chicago, Illinois.

I don’t often post a Monochrome Monday image, but who knows… it’s a new year, maybe I’ll do this more often. In any case, my first submission this year is a noisy, fuzzy image from a consumer grade digital camera captured in either late 2002 or early 2003. I could find the exact date as the flight is in my pilot’s log books, however they are in Fargo and I am in Buckeye for the winter. No metadata is available in the image which was captured just prior to turning toward final approach at Meigs. Continue reading

Monochrome Monday – Super Moon


Super Moon Monochrome-1

Fargo, North Dakota

Last evening, my wife and I went to an oldies concert. On the long wait out of the parking area as several thousand people were leaving, I noticed the “super moon” brightly shining through only a bit of haze from the fires out west. This would be my best shot at getting a clean image of the moon, even though it isn’t quite in “full moon” status anymore. Continue reading