New York, New York – A Quick Trip to the Strip

Las Vegas, Nevada.

No, we didn’t take a quick trip to the Big Apple! Since we stayed downtown, we didn’t see much of the Las Vegas Strip, the row of casinos and resorts along Las Vegas Boulevard just west and north of McCarren Airport. Back in the day, the first casino built along U.S. Highway 91 was well out of town. In 1931, Al Capone built the Pair-O-Dice nightclub. Gangster families were already reaching out to the mecca of legal gambling. That stretch of highway soon garnered hotels and casinos and would become what is now known as the Las Vegas Strip. We spent most of our  time this trip downtown, but we decided to spend a few hours on the strip just to say we went there.  Continue reading

Hoover Dam

Boulder City, Colorado.

A short, 30 mile drive from Las Vegas, the Colorado River is backed up into a huge reservoir known as Lake Meade. The man-made lake was created in the 1930s with the construction of a project originally known as the Boulder Project. Officially, the dam itself was named Hoover Dam after the 31st President, Herbert Clark Hoover in 1947. Bidding for the project opened on March 4, 1931, with first concrete pours on June 6, 1933. Continue reading