Breezy Point – A Whiz Bang Place to Stay

Breezy Point, Minnesota.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve shared a couple of Cellpic Sunday images I grabbed during a short stay at Breezy Point Resort in northern Minnesota. As I was there to attend a conference, I didn’t have a lot of time to take photos, but I did head out in the evening for a short walk, and then rose early hoping for a high quality sunrise. Continue reading

Cellpic Sunday – 30 April 2017

Phoenix, Arizona.

The Holbert Trail, from the base of South Mountain to Dobbins Point and further, is a bit of a climb. Along the way, you will find it advantageous to stop and take photos. You stop, not only because they photos present interesting views, but the pause gives you a chance to catch your breath and grab a swig of water. The hike isn’t long, only a couple of miles, but it climbs around 1200 feet. Continue reading

Spur Cross Ranch – Revisited in HDR

spur-cross-ranch-8Cave Creek, Arizona.

This year, the desert is awash with green. A layer of green grass is visible in the normally brown desert floor. The Phoenix metro has seen a lot of rain this winter. I am hoping I won’t be back in Fargo before what is sure to be a banner wildflower season. Recently our hiking club visited Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area. Formerly the home of a dude ranch, the area is now a reserve where Cave Creek winds its way in a southerly path. One of the prominent peaks in Cave Creek is Elephant Mountain, as anyone with even a bit of imagination can probably note in the image above. Continue reading

Saguaro National Park – In Honor of the Giant Saguaro Cactus


Tucson, Arizona.

The giant saguaro cactus towers above the Arizona landscape. Found only in the Sonoran Desert, the long-lived cacti is a staple of western movies and photographs. The Sonoran Desert covers parts of eastern California, southern Arizona and northern Mexico. A national park near Tucson is dedicated to this majestic plant. The park is divided into two sections, one east of the city of Tucson, the other west. I had the opportunity to visit both in recent weeks. Continue reading

Cellpic Sunday – 19 March 2017

Waddell, Arizona.

This spring, the desert is blooming much more fully than I’ve seen it in previous years. Only one other year came close, 2013, and it wasn’t quite as prolific for wildflowers as this year. Since moving to Arizona, one of our favorite pastimes is hiking in the nearby mountains. On Thursday this week, I led a hike along the Mesquite Canyon Trail in the White Tanks Mountain Regional Park. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Atop

This week, Cheri Lucas Rowlands asks us to head to the top to take our best shot. Of course, I had the option to go metaphorically on top, as in “on a soapbox”, functionally on top, as in “a bestseller list”, or physically on top. Scrolling through my gallery of images, I was struck by how many times I was physically on top of a viewpoint to capture a photograph. Continue reading