Sonali’s Garden – Chai Tea on a Summer Afternoon

Bismarck, North Dakota.

In November 2018, the weekly Travel Tuesday post featured a park in Bismarck known as Chief Looking’s Village. This beautiful park includes some walking trails and playground equipment typical of a city park anywhere. It also contains a beautiful and well kept flower garden. A plaque on one of the stones in the garden welcomes visitors to Sonali’s Garden. As I noted in that post, Sonali Seth was taken from life as a young woman. With much love, her parents built this garden in her memory and they keep it fresh and well cared for. You can review that original post I wrote here. Continue reading

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Seascapes and/or Lakeshore

At sea, Anywhere in the Americas.

Oh, man! Amy gave me a real challenge this week. Being an avid cruiser, I’ve got seascapes up the wazoo… not to mention shots of all the lakes I’ve been known to visit around the country. It’s like showing off photos of your children. Which one(s) do you love the most? The photos I share here are not necessarily the best in technical quality or even “absolute favorites”. Each one has something about it that I like and that I’ll share for this challenge. The French would call it, “Je ne sais quoi.” Translated, a quality that cannot be named easily. You can read Amy’s entire challenge post here. Continue reading

Dronie Sunday – 14 July 2019

Fargo, North Dakota.

It’s been a rocky start to getting the drone I purchased to automatically update its airspace database information, but after returning it to the manufacturer, they replaced the unit and this one is working properly. Now I am learning more about camera operations having learned to be comfortable flying the airborne camera. I got into drone flying because of Civil Air Patrol. They are ramping up mission training for using drones in several important operations, not the least of which is search and rescue. At some point I expect our ground teams will be able to deploy a drone to search areas where their vehicles or even walking the area is either uncomfortable or hazardous. Continue reading

Cellpic Sunday – 7 July 2019

Buckeye, Arizona.

Thinking about Arizona as I write this. Of course, on the 2nd day of summer when I am writing this post, and on 7 July, the date of publication here, I’m happy I’m not in the Arizona desert right now. Nonetheless, I do think about our hiking friends there, those who spend the summer and those who, like us, head back to cooler climates during the summer months. Continue reading

Panama Canal Cruise 2019 – Cabo San Lucas Revisited

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

We are off on another Panama Canal Cruise. When we first went in 2013, our thought was that this would be a “once in a lifetime” trip for us. Last year that changed when my sister and her boyfriend said they were thinking of making the trip. After asking lots of questions about our trip, their decision was to make the trek through the canal. They invited us to travel with them. In April, we found ourselves boarding the Norwegian Star out of Los Angeles bound for Miami. Continue reading

Painted Rock Petroglyphs – Signs of the Ancient Ones

Gila Bend, Arizona.

About 20 minutes south and west of the small town of Gila Bend is a petroglyph site and campground. The outcropping of rocks on a small hill must have been an attractive location for the ancient ones to “commit graffiti.” The campground in the desert is near one of the largest collection of Hohokam petroglyphs in the region. Over 800 images, mostly on the east side of the hill tell a written story of the people of the area. Continue reading

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Street Art

SPsychedelic rabbit.

Siler City, North Carolina.

This week, Patti Moed challenges us to “highlight Street Art in any form, such as posters, graffiti, prints, stencils, sculptures, or installations.” You can read her entire challenge post here. I don’t have many photos of graffiti, but I immediately thought of buskers performing their specific artistic talents on the streets of our country. Then I remembered Siler City, North Carolina. With the small town’s downtown area suffering the malaise afflicting most cities in this day of Amazon and “free shipping”, a group of concerned citizens put together the Siler City Mural Society. Continue reading