Lens-Artist Photo Challenge – Communication


This week is unusual in that we got our photo challenge instructions from Biasini. What’s unusual is that Biasini is a horse. Though unable to talk, a horse’s conversation with the rider is part and parcel of horsemanship. The challenge this week is to share our thoughts on communication.

Today we think of writing on objects such as buildings as graffiti unless they are legitimately authorized, then they are murals. In earlier times, though, painting on rocks was quite common in the desert southwest. These images, hundreds, if not thousands of years old, have survived for archeologists to wonder and speculate as to their meanings. The opening photo, as in all the photos in my response are from petroglyph sites near Phoenix, Arizona. Continue reading

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Red

Phoenix, Arizona.

This week, Patti Moed asks us to Find Something Red. She writes, “…For this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, we’re inviting you to a photo scavenger hunt to find things that are red.” You can read her challenge post here. Having just returned from this year’s Barret-Jackson Auction at Scottsdale, my first thought was of the many red cars and other vehicles I’ve photographed since attending my first auction in 2012. In reviewing those images, I happened upon a red fire engine that was for sale. That changed my direction entirely. Continue reading

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – On Display (Holiday Edition)

Last week, Amy asked us to put our images on display using the theme ‘On Display.” You can view her challenge post here. As there is no photo challenge theme this week due to the holidays, I’ve elected to submit a holiday version of “On display” for my usual Thursday Photo Challenge post. For two years in a row, we visited the Phoenix Zoo where every year they feature Zoolights, a holiday display that shines at night and draws big crowds. Continue reading

Martin Auto Museum – Automobile History Education for All Ages

Phoenix, Arizona.

Regular readers know that I can’t pass up a classic car show. Earlier this year the car club I hang with when in Buckeye toured the Martin Auto Museum in Phoenix. As you can see by the opening photo, they have a few Corvettes. They also have a wide variety of custom and original stock vehicles. Continue reading

Mystery Castle – A Monument to Enduring Love

Phoenix, Arizona.

Boyce Luther Gully loved his wife and his daughter. When he was diagnosed with Tuberculosis and not wishing to expose his family, Boyce left his Seattle home without telling his wife and daughter why or where he went. He found himself in Phoenix in the late 1920’s and started building a house. Given a diagnosis of only six months to live, there must be something good about the dry desert air. Continue reading

The Great Train Show – All Aboard for Model Train Fun

Phoenix, Arizona.

A chance notice online alerted me to The Great Train Show happening one weekend in Phoenix. It’s an annual occurrence at the Arizona State Fair Grounds. No, it’s not about real trains, it’s about model railroading, those small “train sets” that hobbyists go overboard building in basements, spare rooms, and even outdoor gardens around the United States. Who could resist stopping for a visit? In Phoenix, several different groups brought and set up small (and not so small) railroad setups. As you can see in the opening photo, it’s not just about trains, it’s also about miniature cities, rural areas, and other scenery designs. Continue reading

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Creativity

Phoenix, Arizona.

This week Ann-Christine asks us to share something demonstrating creativity and her post features some beautiful floral floats from an annual parade in The Netherlands. You can read her entire challenge post here. As it happens, only a few weeks ago in my regular “Travel Tuesday” post, I featured a visit to the Dwarf Car Museum, a place where creativity in metal and motors is on display. Continue reading

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Happiness Is…

Sonoran Desert, Arizona.

This week, Ann-Christine asks us to use the photographer’s lens to show and share happiness. Less than a decade ago, I’d have had an entirely different response to this challenge. Then, by chance, I found myself considering the purchase of a house in Arizona strictly to get out of those cold North Dakota winters. In December 2011, I said good-bye to my friends and colleagues of over 30 years and in January 2012 my wife and I found ourselves spending the remaining days of that winter in an entirely new environment to us. Continue reading

Heard Museum – Remembering Our Indian School Days

heard-museum-2016-15Phoenix, Arizona.

The great southwest has been populated by indigenous peoples for centuries. The Heard Museum focuses on these Native Americans and features their history, culture and art. One of the standing sculptures features Native Americans serving their country as soldiers in World War II. Indeed, one of the heroes who raised the US flag on Iwo Jima was Pima Indian, Ira Hayes… but I digress. Continue reading