Remember the Alamo – The Symbol of Texan Independence

San Antonio, Texas.

While Hurricane Harvey was battering Houston, I was wandering around San Antonio under cloudy skies with light showers. That Sunday afternoon, the Alamo, along with many other attractions, was closed due to preparations for the possibility of a direct hit from the hurricane. Fortunately for San Antonio, the city was spared. Last week, I shared some images captured during a walk along the famed River Walk and the downtown area. One of my cell phone captures is a shot of The Alamo. This week, we take a look behind the fortress walls of the former mission turned fort and symbol of Texan independence.  Continue reading


Weekly Photo Challenge – Experimental

As it’s Thursday as this is being published, this post can be considered to be another 3-D Thursday feature. I haven’t focused on creating this style of image in some time.  This week, however, Krista Stevens gave me the perfect opening to share some of  my favorites. In the photo challenge, she asks us to share our own concepts of “experimental.” Her choice of theme this week is wide-ranging and open. You can read the challenge post here. Her challenge gives me the opportunity to reprise the collection of images that I call 3-D pop-outs. I first saw the concept of a pop-out on a photo sharing site and thought it would be an interesting exercise in processing. The above image is probably my favorite example, it’s actually a blend of two separate images, the bugler is a statue inside the Arlington Cemetery visitor center and the scene is obviously one of the sections of the veteran’s cemetery. Continue reading

San Antonio – The Cradle of Liberty

San Antonio, Texas.

The summer of 2017 brought me to several new states and places to share here on Journeys With Johnbo. This year, the Civil Air Patrol held their national conference in San Antonio. Over the years, I’ve been to Texas, mostly Dallas, for my career. This trip would be my first to visit the home of the Alamo and the famed River Walk. The timing for our conference was not the best. The few days prior to leaving, we watched the weather carefully as Hurricane Harvey was building with forecast path to hit Houston and San Antonio. I fully expected our conference to be postponed as Harvey spun up and headed across the gulf. Continue reading

Cellpic Sunday – 12 November 2017

Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.

This week we are headed for our annual trip to Arizona for the winter. Now, we aren’t going to find much water in Arizona, but we are looking forward to a unique (for us) family gathering. We are going on a family cruise in January. As luck would have it, our Eastern Caribbean itinerary was hit hard by this year’s hurricane season. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Temporary

This week, Ben Huberman suggests that we focus on “something you appreciate despite – or even because of – its short shelf life. ” One of the great things about photographers is that we have the ability to freeze time if only in a visual format. As he says in the post, “What we capture is just one specific moment of alignment between the world, our camera, and our eyes.” You can read the entire challenge post here. Continue reading

Hopperstad Stave Church – Norwegian Heritage in Minnesota

Moorhead, Minnesota.

Last week we visited the Hjemkomst Center’s centerpiece, the replica Viking ship Hjemkomst. It had been over a decade since Lynn and I last visited the center that honors the dream of Robert Asp. I was surprised to discover that the center has made a home for another labor of love in wood. At the rear of the center’s property, Guy Paulson built a full-size replica of a Stave Church. This replica is modeled from a church near the municipality of Vik, Norway. The Hopperstad Stave Church, built sometime around 1130 AD, is now a museum church just outside Vikøyri village and still sits on the site of its construction almost a millennium ago. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Peek

Moorhead, Minnesota.

This week, Michelle Weber asks us to “share a peek of something – a photo that reveals just enough of your subject to to get us interested.” You can read her entire challenge post here. This wood carving of a monk is one of many carvings that are located in an edifice that  will be featured in next week’s Travel Tuesday post here at Journeys with Johnbo. Continue reading