Saguaro – The Passing of Two Giants

Goodyear, Arizona.

On a cold January day in 2013, we discovered the Rainbow Valley Trail in Estrella Park. One of our favorite trails, Rainbow Valley is on my list to hike annually. Less than a mile from the trailhead, at a sharp bend in the trail stood two giant saguaros. These giants are among the largest we’ve seen. Since then, I’ve learned much about the iconic succulent that lives only in the Sonoran Desert. They live some 200 years or more and don’t start developing those characteristic “arms” until the latter half of their first century of life. Given the size of these two, they certainly must have reached the second century mark by now. Continue reading

Saguaro – Iconic Arizona Succulent

The saguaro (suh-wahr-oh) is immediately recognizable in many movies of the old west. The iconic cactus is plentiful in the Phoenix area and the plant defines the environment where it is found. The tree-like succulent is found in Southern Arizona, Northern Mexico and in extreme southeast California. Continue reading