Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Street Art

SPsychedelic rabbit.

Siler City, North Carolina.

This week, Patti Moed challenges us to “highlight Street Art in any form, such as posters, graffiti, prints, stencils, sculptures, or installations.” You can read her entire challenge post here. I don’t have many photos of graffiti, but I immediately thought of buskers performing their specific artistic talents on the streets of our country. Then I remembered Siler City, North Carolina. With the small town’s downtown area suffering the malaise afflicting most cities in this day of Amazon and “free shipping”, a group of concerned citizens put together the Siler City Mural Society. Continue reading

The Murals of Siler City – Explore the Murals but Stay for the Burgers

Siler City, North Carolina.

A visit to North Carolina in 2015 prompted a trip to the largest town in Chatham County. Our visit to North Carolina in 2018 brought us back to this town of a bit over 8000 residents in the western part of the county. For more background on our 2015 visit to Siler City, you can check out my post and gallery of photos here, and a guest post from my son, Joshua, who provided a much more detailed story here. In the opening photo above, this post features one of the murals that since 2001 have proliferated throughout the city’s downtown area. This image depicts Siler City very early in the 20th century. Continue reading

But I Digress… Siler City’s Improbable Tie to Hollywood

Siler City today, from the same vantage point as the mural in the opening image.

Siler City, North Carolina.

In recent posts about a couple of small towns in North Carolina, we discover that the town of Siler City became the retirement home of Frances Bavier, the character actor who played Aunt Bee on the Andy Griffith Show from 1960 to 1968. As we learned in Josh Steiner’s guest post (here) for this week’s Travel Tuesday, Siler City no longer feels “like fictional Mayberry, but more like suburban anywhere, USA.” Continue reading

The changing face of the American South: Siler City, NC

Siler City-5

Siler City, North Carolina.

For this week’s Travel Tuesday, I have the distinct pleasure of hosting a guest post from the Pot and Pan Handler, Josh Steiner. Last fall, he and I had the opportunity to travel to small town, North Carolina. The photo above features a mural depicting Siler City’s main street in an earlier time. Known for its murals, Siler City has another claim to fame, a tie to Hollywood… but, wait!!! Why am I telling you this? Read on to learn about the little town that is “Balanced for Progress.” Don’t forget to check out the Handler’s blog here. Continue reading