Cellpic Sunday – 16 February 2020

Buckeye, Arizona.

On our last Thursday hike in January, we headed on a round-about way to the highest point on Turnbuckle Trail. The views of the park and beyond are beyond the capability of even the best cameras. Given that, having only my Samsung S6 with me, I submit for your review a view of the valley to the west of Skyline Park. This vantage point is almost 650 feet (200 m) above the desert floor.

About the photo: As already noted, the image came from my cell phone’s memory. After import into Adobe Lightroom and making basic tweaks for clarity and contrast, I exported the file to Luminar Flex for final edits. Please click on the image and if your browser supports it, you will see a larger image. With your eyes, follow the trail that leads to the mountain ridge in the center of the photo. In the valley beyond the ridge, you can see some little white dots. Those are homes in the town of Tonopah, Arizona. Trust me, they look bigger in real life when you are standing there on the mountain. The rule for Cellpic Sunday is simple. The image must be captured on a mobile device.

John Steiner


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