Rocky Mountain National Park – Panoramic Views

Sprague Lake in winter

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

Last week’s Travel Tuesday took us to Rocky Mountain National Park. It was there I commented that the park’s beautiful scenery begs for panoramic presentations. This week’s post features an entire gallery of panoramic images. I have included 11 images captured using Lightroom’s panorama function, or in several cases, the HDR panorama function. The image above is of Sprague Lake I captured in 2017. I start this gallery with views of lakes and move on to mountains and meadows captured in September 2021.

Rocky Mountain NP Pano-9
Sprague Lake in the summer
Rocky Mountain NP Pano-10
Sprague Lake
Rocky Mountain NP Pano-8
Above the tree line
Rocky Mountain NP Pano-7
Alpine Meadow
12 Exposure HDR Pano
Above the tree line
Rocky Mountain NP Pano-5
View from on top of the world
Rocky Mountain NP Pano-4
Ultrawide angle
Rocky Mountain NP Pano-3
Ultrawide angle
9 Exposure HDR Pano
Alpine forests and meadows
12 Exposure HDR Pano
High altitude forest

All of these images can be viewed as a gallery in 2k HD on my Flickr website here. I encourage, you can click on any one of the images to pixel peep in HD and scroll through the gallery. These images look their best in Flickr’s widescreen mode with a black background matte. Check them out in an almost fullscreen view.

John Steiner


  1. Oh thank you John they are absolutely gorgeous!
    I love all your pictures and again thank you for sharing them.☘️☘️

    • I love to share photos of the places we visit, Eithnea. We are scheduled to make our first trip to Europe in less than 20 days. We will be crusing from South Hampton to Italy and fly home from Rome.

  2. These really are awesome views in the true sense of the word, John, and I can vouch for the fact that viewing them in full screen on your flickr site is an absolute must to almost feel as if you are right there!

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